Evening Social Tennis – Friday 22nd March, 7pm

It’s been a long time since there’s been a social, mixed doubles evening – which seems a shame since they’re good fun, good tennis and usually involve some light refreshments!! So the date is set for Friday 22nd March – all we need are some willing volunteers, so please sign up by email here or text on 07790 618205.

Please respond by Saturday 9th March and then I’ll confirm the start time & match format for the evening – it’s likely to be some form of round robin with matches interspersed with some “sitting out” (that’s where the light refreshments come in!) Last but not least, for all previous socials the number of ladies has exceeded the number of men, which makes a “Mixed” tournament quite a challenge, so a special plea to all our men this time to reverse the trend and outnumber the ladies 😊

Thanks Jane