Court Rejuvenation – Progress Report

Despite the contractors starting on time and working long days, the court rejuvenation process is taking longer than anticipated. The good news is that Court 3 will be fully finished and ready to play by Monday 19th August. In order to maximise court availability, the contractor has agreed to adapt his schedule so that we can play on Court 1 while Court 2 is being rejuvenated and vice versa. This means there will be full access to two courts from Monday 19th August, with a view to all three courts being fully rejuvenated and back in action by Wednesday 28th August.

Apologies if this delay causes any inconvenience but I hope you’ll agree that it’s all been worthwhile when you play on the new, better-grip surface!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries and thank you for your patience.

Thanks Jane