Sorry to bombard you with information but I guess we need to accept that in a fast-developing situation, there might be changes or updates on almost a daily basis.


The latest LTA advice is that clubhouses are subject to the same restrictions as Pubs and Cafes. We have taken this to mean that socialisation and mingling is no longer acceptable. The pavilion can still be opened for members to use the toilets or wash their hands but it should then be vacated immediately. We cannot have situations where groups of members congregate in an enclosed space. Please respect this advice.


Following on from the new guidance, we feel that we have no alternative but to cancel the formal clubnight on Tuesday evenings. The booking will be removed from the system so courts are now available to be booked in the normal way.

Annual Tournaments

Apolgies for any confusion between recent posts. In our haste to publish information about COVID-19, we forgot that another post was prepared two weeks ago, and scheduled for publication on 20/3/20, to act as a reminder for entering club tournaments. Clearly, these will not take place as originally planned. If you have already have entered and paid, we will hold your entry until we have new dates. If you have not yet entered, then please do not until we publish a new timetable.

Thanks Jane