Maintenance Policy




Chelmsfordians Tennis Club aims to create a safe environment for all members who wish to take part in tennis or other sport and social activities at the club.


As part of the wider Old Chelmsfordians Association (OCA), which underwrites any of the financial expenses that cannot be met from annual subscriptions, we have to ensure that the tennis facilities are properly maintained and that we obtain the maximum life from the surfaces.


This policy relates directly to the surfaces and area enclosed within the tennis courts.  The wider estate is the responsibility of the OCA.


The tennis section Treasurer will ensure that the forward budget for the year, agreed with the OCA Treasurer, will be sufficient to meet known/likely maintenance costs.


The coaches will undertake most minor repairs to fences, huts, decking and locks but not on items where they do not have the necessary qualifications.  In such matters, an appropriately qualified tradesperson will be engaged.


The coaches will drag brush the surfaces at least once a week unless prevented from doing so by adverse weather conditions.


Members will be asked to help even the wear on the courts by ensuring the Court 3 (single court) is used first when available.


A local contractor will be asked to inspect the courts at least twice a year in order to advise on the state of the surfaces and in particular, to adjust sand levels when required.


If/when accidents/mishaps occur on court, the committee will consider if any remedial work needs to be undertaken.


The coaches will ensure that during programme sessions, juniors wear appropriate footwear that is not heavily soiled.