Information and Data Protection Policy

At the committee meeting on 7/3/18, the following policy covering how personal data is managed and protected was agreed.

Chelmsfordians Tennis Club (CTC)

Information and Data Protection Policy

  1. This policy sets out how CTC acquires, stores and manages information about club members and deals with three aspects of information management
  • Data requested from members,
  • How data is stored and shared within the management committee,
  • How data is shared with third parties.

Data requested from members

  1. Only the minimum data necessary to facilitate management of club membership will be requested from members.  This comprises: name, gender, postal address, email address, telephone number and, where a member is aged 18 or under, date of birth.  Additionally, in the first year of membership, the date of joining will be recorded but this information will not be carried forward for membership renewal purposes.

How data is stored and shared within the management committee.

  1. Only those members of the management committee whose role/duties require sight of membership data, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Head Coach, will be permitted access.
  2. Membership data will be collated by the Secretary and in doing so, he/she will be the only officer who will store a copy of the data on a PC.  The data will not be shared amongst those permitted officers by means of electronic transfer such as email.  The data will be uploaded to a secure Microsoft account, set-up specifically for the purpose, and those officers will access it there as and when necessary.
  3. Once an annual membership renewal exercise is completed, historical copies of membership records will be securely deleted.

Information shared with third parties

  1. The club has third party arrangements with three organisations for management purposes.  These are Clubspark, who operate the court booking system, Mailchimp, who operate the system for alerting members of new website posts and Krystal Hosting who (from August 2019) host the club website.
  2. Clubspark is an LTA accredited system relying on a selection of British Tennis membership information – name, gender and email address.  Members can withdraw from the court booking system at any time by notifying the club Secretary.
  3. Mailchimp is a commercial App relying on data input by the club Secretary – name and email address.  Members have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the App every time that they receive an email alert.
  4. Krystal Hosting is a commercial web hosting organisation providing a platform for the club’s website. No membership information is uploaded to the website.  Contact information for club officials such as committee members and Team Captains is displayed on the website with the explicit permission of those individuals.
  5. No information will be shared with any third parties for commercial and/or marketing purposes.


  1. This policy was adopted by the CTC management committee at its meeting on 7/3/18.  It was communicated directly to all members shortly afterwards and will be displayed on the website.  New members will receive a copy of the policy as part of their induction.
  2. The policy will be reviewed at the AGM on 7/11/18 and annually thereafter unless a specific issue arises in an intervening period.

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