Singles Ladder

Singles Ladder – Format and Rules

  • Mobile numbers are shown on name plates to enable calls/texts,
  • Matches are the best of three sets with tiebreaks at 6-6 in all three sets,
  • Players can challenge anyone up to 5 places above them as at the date of the challenge,
  • The match should be played within 3 weeks, the challengee should offer 3 dates,
  • If the challenger wins, they move above the loser in the ladder,
  • If the challengee cannot offer suitable dates, the challenger can claim a win,
  • If the challenger does not accept the dates, the challenge lapses,
  • If the challengee already has another pending challenge, the second challenge can be declined,
  • Players can challenge up to 2 people at any time.

Any questions or problems, contact Simon Page by email here